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Trusted news and deep insight on world events, issues, and trends.

With our two flagship brands, DailyChatter and World Politics Review, we serve both general readers seeking a trusted source of news and information about world events, and professionals and others seeking deeper insight into global issues and trends.

DailyChatter and World Politics Review have come together to establish GlobalPost Media as one of the top English-language publishers of global affairs news and information for individuals and institutions. In the months and years to come, through further investments in our journalism and reader services, we intend to grow our impact around the world.

Welcome to GlobalPost Media

Our commitment to nonpartisan journalism is deeply lodged in our DNA.

GlobalPost Media is the parent company of our two successful journalism brands – DailyChatter, the largest daily newsletter in the U.S. devoted to world news, and World Politics Review (WPR), one of the world’s leading providers of global affairs news and analysis. The name ‘GlobalPost’ heralds the revival of a brand that first launched in January 2009 and went on to become an acclaimed international news site.

The mission of GlobalPost Media is to transform access to world news and analysis for people everywhere, in big cities and small towns, in America and across the globe. There was a time when international news was widely available in local and national newspapers as well as on television and the radio. In most places, this is no longer true.

Expanding the global knowledge and awareness of young people.

Serving the needs of students and teachers is an integral part of the work of both DailyChatter and World Politics Review. More than 50,000 students and teachers at approximately 1,300 schools in more than 100 countries use our products and services. In addition, as part of our pioneering Global Education Initiative, we provide, as a public service, free DailyChatter subscriptions to thousands of college and high school students around the world.
We provide trusted information to college and high school students around the world.


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